Wooden Box Charkha is an Indian version of modified spinning wheel to make cotton yarn. The wooden box charkha comes with a instruction manual and a bundle of cotton. Try this foldable spinning-wheel - charkha as used by Mahatma Gandhi. 

Product Features: 
  • Hand-crafted in India.
  • Made from Teak wood polished with French varnish.
  • Sturdy, compact and weighs 2.5 kg
  • Includes three spindles, cotton drive band and a skeiner.
  • Ideal for spinning short staple fibers such as cotton or fine wool
  • Everything folds up nicely into a wooden box 
  • Includes an Accessories Box to keep spindles and strings!
  • This box Charkha is ideal for spinning short staple fibers such as cotton or fine wool into yarn. Also good for angora, cashmere, silk or any fine fiber.
  • The compact Charkha is in a shape of the Box and is very compact and lightweight. Because of it's lightweight it can easily be carried wherever you go!
  • Spinning activity improves concentration & attention span. 
  • It has meditative qualities.
  • And, this craft is addictive! Once mastered, you will fall in love with hand spinning because of the scope of the creativity it provides!
  • Last, but not the least, it can be a tool to achieve economic independence.


The wooden box charkha is a great conversation piece and a unique, must-have spinning wheel for all spinning enthusiasts. The charkha has a history and became a symbol of self-sufficiency/self-reliance/self-governance in India that helped force change in India during the rule of the British empire in times of Mahatma Gandhi. Khadi & Charkha were not only the means to achieve freedom. They were part of spiritual nourishment as a meditation for all people. It helped sustain the freedom struggle for decades & attain it.

The product is outcome of our initiative to encourage learn and practice hand spinning. Learn the art of hand spinning with this box charkha- fold-able spinning wheel. Happy Spinning !!!


Check out this BOOKLET which should serve to enhance their confidence and commitment towards this all encompassing art of spinning which is a non-violent and eco-friendly way of life.
Check out our Unique INDIA | The Republic Collection.

Customer Reviews

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Dr. Sandip N. Naik
Product for the Nation

Excellent Wooden Box Charkha-Spinning Wheel. One can do best focus exercise as well as feel self satisfaction towards Nationalism-Truth-Non Violence ever.

antara ray
Some parts are not so well made for regular use

The rubber band is not good, the cotton yarn is old

Mahatma Gandhi Founded Wooden Box Charkha 1942. Use to "Gandhi" Movie Hindi Director by : Aj

Mahatma Gandhi ji Founded Wooden Box Charkha 1942. Use to Hindi Movie "Gandhi" 1982

Norbert Ammermann www.musikklang.de
Charka spinning wheel

Fine box it has very fast reached us here in germany, only three days. Thank you!