Coffee Pot. This Brass Turkish Coffee Pot is great for gifting during weddings, anniversaries, house warming, new venture & award ceremonies. This pot has brass body with tin lining, induction based and long wooden handle which is detachable. 

Capacity: 500 ML      

Many steel cookware/ utensils have now replaced the ancient Brass utensils, but when it comes to its taste and therapeutic properties, Brass cookware/utensils are truly unmatched. Brass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc. Since it has copper, it has antimicrobial properties. Brass is alkaline in nature and is oxidised or in other words becomes acidic when it comes in contact with air. This is why brass is always covered when not in use. Due to its alkalinity, it is used in the preparation of many cookware such as the coffee pot. It neutralises the acidic nature of the food that's cooked or prepared in it. The Zinc in Brass regulates the immune system and its role ranges from inflammatory responses to antibody production. It also plays a role in wound healing by removing bacteria, tissue debris removal, formation of new blood vessels and scar formation. Using Brass can provide one with all these benefits.

These Brass Coffee pots are truly timeless and with proper care, they can last through generations.  So, if you love your morning coffee, give it a traditional twist by making it in one of our Brass Coffee Pots, made manually by our Rural Artisans.

Usage Instruction

Step 1: Fill pot with water Fill the pot with one-quarter cup of cold water for every cup of coffee you want to make, plus an extra quarter cup of water.

Step 2: Add coffee and stir Add one heaping teaspoon of grounds per quarter cup of water. Add the cardamom, if using. Stir in the sugar – about one teaspoon for every two teaspoons of coffee grounds. Stir until the sugar dissolves.

Step 3: Heat the mixture Place the pot on very low heat. Don’t stir or move the pot, but monitor it carefully while holding the handle. Heat the pot as slowly as you can – the slower the heat, the better the coffee will taste.

Step 4: Remove from heat when coffee froths After a few minutes, the coffee will suddenly start to froth and rise quickly. As soon as it does, lift the pot off the heat until the froth subsides.

Step 5: Repeat and remove Let the pot heat and froth up again, then a third time, lifting it off the heat each time before it boils over.

Step 6: Let settle After the coffee bubbles up three times, turn off the heat and let the coffee pot sit for a couple of minutes so the grounds and sediment settle.

Step 7: Pour coffee and enjoy Fill each small cup about a quarter full to distribute the froth evenly. Then, go back and fill the cups with the rest of the liquid. Leave the rest of the water in the pot with the sediment. Enjoy!

Care Instruction

The shine can be brought back with little scrub of tamarind paste or Brass polishing.  Refrain from using steel wired scrubs.

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Customer Reviews

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Rosalia Dsouza
Amazing and Wonderfully crafted Brass Coloured Coffee Pot

I received my Brass Coloured coffee pot and was very excited to use it. Now I almost use it every day! It has a lovely peacock design.