Indic Inspirations brings to you an Online Cherial Mask Making Workshop where anyone can register and participate. It is going to be a 3 hours workshop where one will learn to make the mask and paint it. Once you register a Zoom Link and a Kit (the kit will contain Tamarind seed powder, Sawdust powder, 1 Brown base mask,1 ready to paint mask, 1 ready painted mask, colours, brushes & sand paper will be delivered to your doorstep 3 days prior to the workshop.

Below are the details for the Workshop :-

  • Date :- Saturday 12th February 2022
  • Time:- 3pm to 6pm
  • Registration Fee :- 2200/- only.
  • Takeaway :- At the end of the workshop one will have 3 ready masks with them!

A very unique, fun & interesting workshop indeed!

Bring the joy of art and craft-making by your hands to your doorstep with these simple DIY kits with natural raw materials. It will work as “therapy” and as essential to your well-being. Research shows that making things with your hands is great for decreasing stress, relieving anxiety and improving mental health.

Indic Inspirations is happy to bring your home the joy of mask making based on traditional art form like Cherial mask making art.  Create your own mask! The kit includes all the materials required to make your own masks based on fully made masks by experience master artist as per traditional design or any abstract mask. 

  1. One  pre-made finished/ painted mask by the artist
  2. A pre-made unpainted mask - ready to paint
  3. A pre-made mould on which features like nose, eyes, lips and other features can be rendered
  4. One packet of a fine mixture of tamarind seed powder and one packet of sawdust for making a paste to apply on the mould and  create features. Total 1 mask can be made with this mixture. 
  5. A piece of sand paper (of 80 grit ) to scrap out the uneven surface of the sun-dried masks. 
  6. Colors to paint the mask
  7. Brushes
  8. An instruction card of step by step mask making process

    With this workshop set you can be creative and show off your own style. Paint them and you can add your own feathers, sequins, glitter, buttons, beads and more. The possibilities are endless! However some sample images of how they can be painted are included. 

    Use these basic masks for fun activities at your next mask making party with your family and friends and after painting adorn your walls with masks made by you. This bright coloured mask will add an earthy flavour to your home. They are a good value for classroom mask-making projects.


    Sai Kiran, the son of state award winners D. Nageshwar and D.Padma, hails from Rangareddy district Telangana. Sai Kiran learnt this art form from his grandfather and father- D Nageshwar Rao Nakash, a Cherial scroll painting expert. He studied Fine Arts from Sri Venkateswara College of Fine Arts, Madhapur. He is the fourth generation in this artistic family. Sai Kiran started conducting workshops at the age of 17 years for schools,colleges and corporate sectors and is continuing well.

    THE ART:-

    Cherial masks are a modified version of the Nakashi art, distinctive to the Cheriyal village, of Warangal district in Telangana. Wandering storytellers used painted Cheriyal masks to build intrigue for the gathered crowd in any festival to tell religious stories and folklore. The artistic tradition of making masks, handed down from generations is now a boon to the craftsmen in this Cheriyal village. 

    These masks very much preserve the Indian art.

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