Bend it like the Yogis! On this original Yoga Mat with Indic Colours! Enjoy yogasanas naturally! A yoga mat is the yoga practitioners favourite companion and what better way than to opt for a natural and an organic cotton yoga mat in comparison with the synthetic and chemical laden ones.

  • Our eco friendly yoga mats are handmade in the region of India where yoga has its origins. 
  • The mats are with excellent gripping on floor and grip your body while doing Advance Yoga Practices.
  • These Cotton Yoga Mats are made with great care and thoughtfulness for the environment. Celebrate your inner being and be in harmony with Mother Nature with this pure, 100% natural, bio-degradable, non-toxic and eco-friendly cotton handcrafted yoga mats.
  • 12mm Anti-Skid Rubber Backed ( 8mm / 10 mm / 12 mm )
  • 100% Fine Cotton textured
  • Sweat Absorbent
  • Skin Friendly
  • Non-Stinky
  • Length and width according to your body
  • Lavender / lilly / rose extracts within
  • Easy to wash
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Customer Reviews

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Sakti Bagchi
Loved it

The cotton Yoga mat is the best Yoga mat I ever experienced.