This set of Bengal Patachitra paintings, inspired by a folk story of Santhal community. The story depicted through a series of paintings  - one painting in A3 size and four paintings in A5 size.

A marriage of two fish and the very happy gathering of groups of fish going for this marriage is an interesting theme that is depicted in this painting. The bride and groom are carried in a palanquin. This painting also portrays a giant fish gets left out of the marriage party. Angry fish decides to attack and eat up the fishes ! Hmmm, quite a story to carry with yourself! What say? In Bengal, fish is considered to be very auspicious. Vibrant colours yellow, indigo, bottle green, khaki, crimson and dark brown of the painting create a dazzling effect. This painting will add beauty and brightness to your ethnic corner at your home- in the living room.

Scroll painting or PattaChitra is a notable art form, coming from the tribal villages of West Bengal. These scrolls were visual accompaniments to stories told through songs and ballads. The Ramayan, tribal folklore and many other mythological stories have come alive with these beautifully illustrated scrolls. These paintings are traditionally made with natural mineral and vegetable colors. Delightful and eartthy, these paintings reflect the ancient tradition of story telling in India.

The painting is done by Suman Chitrakar, the Patua Artist from West Bengal.