YOGA inspired Conference cum #WorkFromHome Set -  eco-friendly set of products for your work desk - from the artisans of India.
SURYANAMASKAR - Sun Salutation, is a practice in yoga as exercise incorporating a sequence of twelve gracefully linked asanas. Practicing these asanas regularly is known to enhance your health and improve the balance of your energies!
The set incorporates all the needs of people Working From Home, from their home study as they attend conference calls and webinars from home!
  1. A4 size File Folder that can contain company handouts, leaflets and help organise any papers that need to be managed!
  2. A5 Writing Pad to take those quick scribbled notes, like in school!
  3. Bamboo Ball Pen - this pen is hand-made from bamboo, a unique crop that is as sustainable as it is versatile.
  4. Newspaper Pencil - A pencil made from recycled newspaper you read yesterday!
  5. Snake Cube Puzzle - a brain-teaser, stress buster - wooden puzzle hand carved by the artisans of Saharanpur. It is an elastic string connecting all wooden blocks in two different colors. The jumbled up blocks in a snake-like structure have to be twisted correctly to form a cube.
  6. Finger Top - This small top is silent and graceful. You may at times wonder whether it just stands still! For exercising hand-eye coordination and stress busting at work!
  7. Bamboo Coaster for your beverage mug - handmade by the artisans of West Bengal in polished bamboo ply combined with sitalpati (cane layer)
  8. 750 ML Bamboo Water Bottle made by the artisans of Assam. 100% Organic, spill proof and food safe.
  9. Coffee/Tea Mug made of sustainable bamboo by the artisans of Assam. Perfect for serving any type of hot or cold liquid beverage.
  10. Cloth Bag for running errands and local community shopping
This set of products help you organise your work desks and your work - while you take stress busting puzzle solving breaks in between and sip your coffee or quench your thirst with water! Great companions for your day at work!

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When is this available next?

Arundhati Reddy
Work From Home Set that organises your home office

So useful, when I work from home! Organises my desk, helps me sip water when I am thirsty, relives stress/boredom with the puzzles and that super spinning top.

My son and daughter want to fidget with the top and puzzle too! Wish this set was available much earlier. Comes in a nice box, with all products nicely arranged.