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Indian Dance

 India, a country of age old customs and traditions is also a forerunner in Space technology all thanks to the efforts of our premier Space Research Organisation - ISRO. From putting the first satellite in Space more than 50 years ago to orbiting our closest neighbour planet Mars, ISRO has made its own giant leap for all Indians. Than just being updated with the various advancements and achievements by ISRO for those of us who wish to pay a tribute, wear and showcase our pride, we are proud to announce ISRO has partnered to launch merchandise exclusively with us under the VYOM collection.

All your visits to various stores to buy something of the space theme can come to end with our exclusive, accessible and online collection. There’s space and ISRO themed T-Shirts and caps to sport on and showcase your passion. Let your walls, bags, cupboards and even the refrigerator be adorned by ISRO memorabilia with its stickers, magnets to patches all displaying your quest for space.

Having your daily dose of coffee can be symbolic of the wonder of away and beyond of the Mangalyaan or the Chandrayaan mission from us online. Pique the child's curiosity with interactive merchandise such as puzzles, painting frames, space games, matchboxes to rocket scale models of our ever great PSLV and GSLV on their study desks.


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Bengal Pattachitra Paintings

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VYOM ISRO - Indic Inspirations


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