Be Inspired! everyday! With our INDIA @ 75 Collection - Inspirational Quotes from luminaries of Indian Civilization and Modern India, Fundamental Duties from our Constitution and a Khadi Plag!


  • The set consists of one 75 Indic Inspirations Rolodex, one Fundamental Duties Plaque and one Khadi Cross Table Flag.
  • A Rolodex - a set of 75 inspirational quotes/ the extracts of the speeches made by 75 Indian eminent personalities. Each page of the Rolodex is printed with quote, the name of the personality, his/her field of work and illustration.
  • An elegantly printed Desk Plaque for your home or office to give all citizens knowledge of the  Fundamental Duties. This desk plaque is made of Kappa Board (cardboard) printed on original "Constitution Paper" from the Handmade Paper Institue setup by K B Joshi with teh blessings of Mahatma Gandhi, the paper that was used to India's original constitution
  • miniature, khadi Indian table flag! The pole of the Indian table flag is made of zinc. This Cotton Flag With Zinc Base And Zinc Poles can be used on car desk, study table and office table.
  • A perfect corporate gift set 

A land is known by the imagination and deep thoughts and philosophies of the people who inhabit it. Indic Civilisation and Modern India has been blessed by seekers of truth, an understanding of the cosmos and development of human thought over millennia! Its rich contributions to humankind have been the harbingers of philosophical and scientific progress on this planet.

Be Inspired, everyday! 

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Shailesh Moghe
Remarkable Quality product and packaging

I could never imagine, the quality of product and overall packaging I received was absolutely better than International standards.

Prathamesh Chaudhary

INDIA @ 75 Collection

Ambikesh Pandey

INDIA @ 75 Collection


INDIA @ 75 Collection