Inspired by the mission that took India to the Mars - India's remarkable landmark in planetary exploration, Indic Inspirations brings you a wooden dartboard with the topographical aspects of Mars! Use the wooden dart board to understand the red planet. The Mars Orbiter Mission (M.O.M.), also called Mangalyaan was India’s first interplanetary mission and was majorly led by women! In 2013, India reached the Mars - the Red Planet marking the beginning of a new era of understanding the planet that had a lot of similarity with Earth billions of years ago. 

Use this eco-friendly method to celebrate the launch of the Mangalyaan mission to Mars! Made from eco-friendly cork material this dartboard will keep you and your family and friends entertained with a sport and a story.

Mars is no place for the faint-hearted. It’s dry, rocky, and bitter cold. The fourth planet from the Sun, Mars is one of Earth's two closest planetary neighbors (Venus is the other). Mars is one of the easiest planets to spot in the night sky – it looks like a bright red point of light.

The reason Mars looks reddish is due to oxidization – or rusting – of iron in the rocks, regolith (Martian “soil”), and dust of Mars. This dust gets kicked up into the atmosphere and from a distance makes the planet appear mostly red.

Interestingly, while Mars is about half the diameter of Earth, its surface has nearly the same area as Earth’s dry land. Its volcanoes, impact craters, crustal movement, and atmospheric conditions such as dust storms have altered the landscape of Mars over many years, creating some of the solar system's most interesting topographical features like

  1. Holden Crater (The crater is of great interest to scientists because it has some of the best-exposed lake deposits – clay.)
  2. Gale Crater (a large impact basin with a massive, layered mountain in the middle. Gale contained an ancient freshwater lake which could have been a hospitable environment for microbial life.)
  3. Mawarth Vallis (a valley - a channel formed by massive flooding which occurred in Mars’ ancient past)
  4. Arabia Terra (a large upland region and presumed to be one of the oldest terrains on the planet.)
  5. Alba Mons (an immense, low-lying volcano located in the northern Tharsis region of the planet Mars.)
  6. Terra Sirenum (an upland area notable for massive cratering, there is an evidence of the presence of S-rich waters.)
  7. Centauri Montes (a group of mountains)
  8. Kepler (an impact crater)
  9. Darwin (an impact crater)
  10. Olympus Mons (an enormous shield volcano)
  11. Axia Planum (a clay-bearing plain)
  12. Utopia (the largest recognized impact basin)
  13. Jezero Crater (the area was once flooded with water and was home to an ancient river delta.)
  14. Amenthes (a quadrangle region)
  15. Aeolis Palus (a plain)
  16. Arsel Mons (a volcano)
  17. Aram Dorsum (an inverted channel- Fluvial Depositional System)
  18. Lowell  (an impact crater)

Enjoy the game with friends and family or with your kids!

The wooden dartboard game includes 4 matching darts and Gaming Instructions.

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