Indic Inspirations presents SMART CORPORATE GIFTING SOLUTIONS - a GIFT BASKET with multiple products in your office and an easy to use cloud based SMART INTERFACE to manage Gifting! Gifts that are based on INTERESTS of people! That will show your customers that your BRAND cares! Mindful Gifts that help create memories of your brand!

Indic Objects that tell stories of India’s Heritage, Culture, Traditions and Achievements! Gifts that are UNIQUE, give JOY and will be HEIRLOOMS.

Wow your corporate visitors, guests, clients, partners and employees with India's exquisite handcrafted products for contemporary living. Thank a client, reward an employee or celebrate new and continuing business. Celebrate a colleague's successes, reward a team player, pamper a client or simply make a special gesture.

GIFT TRADITION and Indian Art & Craft to your customers and LIVELIHOODS to India's RURAL ARTISANS!

Our gifts are ideal for a range of corporate events including regular employee events, product launches, conferences and seminars and award ceremonies. We work with you to define, choose and brand the gift from amongst India's crafts - with the requisite logos, product and craft stories, etc. and then manage the timely delivery of the gifts all packed and ready to be gifted!