Indic Inspirations : The platform aims to sustain handcrafted india's products to support India's artisan community for community empowerment, social empowerment and growth of local communities and cultural community 


Empowering Indian ARTISANS Indic Inspirations endeavour is to empower India's ARTISANS to get a fair value for their products and help them increase their LIVELIHOODS

Help get back PRIDE! Our products represent India's rich knowledge, customs and traditions and help ARTISANS and CUSTOMERS get back their PRIDE in their own HERITAGE!

Help support LOCAL COMMUNITIES Our products have been MADE IN INDIA for centuries - your purchase and support will help LOCAL COMMUNITIES earn and enhance their LIVELIHOODS

JOY of HEIRLOOMS Indic Inspirations products are India's artisanal products and are UNIQUE, represent traditional culture of India, give JOY and will be your HEIRLOOMS!