QUIZ on Interesting Facts about Indian National Flag & Indian Constitution

The Indian Constitution is the world’s longest written constitution which provides an excellent framework for governing the world’s largest democracy. It nurtures the aspirations of its citizens, and is a true living Constitution in as much as it gives the widest possible amplitude for the realization of both individual liberties and desires and at the same time enforces the need for a collective growth and development.

Constitution as a work of Art - The Indian Constitution is not only a consolidation of laws and regulations. But it is a wonderful repository of art. It gives us a sense of India’s rich tradition and culture. It’s a glimpse into our cultural heritage.

We are so used to seeing clauses, acts, and amendments in our textbooks that we’ve forgotten about the original. Here is a QUIZ Competition from Indic Inspirations ( https://www.indicinspirations.com) to make people aware of the stories behind making the Indian Constitution and Tiranga.

* Winners of the Quiz will be declared on 25th January 2021. 3 (Three) LUCKY WINNERS will be awarded EXCITING PRIZES
* In case of multiple correct entries - a computerised Draw of Lots will randomly choose the top 3 Winners!

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