This Soapstone Curd Pot made out of naturally available soapstone can serve multiple purposes as they make used to store curd, pickle, salt and tamarinds etc with a long shelf life and doesn’t alter the original taste. Soapstone has natural cooling properties and hence the Soapstone Curd Pot is perfect vessel to set and store your curd. It Keeps the curd cool and fresh without turning to sour for at least 24 hours. Even during harsh summers, they prevent the curd from turning sour soon. 


  • Made of natural soapstone. It's a natural cookware which doesn't have any processed materials such as paint, coating, added metals etc...
  • As soapstone helps increase the shelf life of curd, butter, milk, pickles etc.
  • Food items kept in the stone pots taste outstanding, because they do not alter or change the natural flavors of the ingredients and retain the original aroma and taste of the food. 
  • Vessel lasts generations!
  • Hand crafted by traditional artisans who have been making it for generations.
  • Each piece is chiseled by hand, there is a chance for mild variation in size.

Use & Care

  • These vessels need no chemicals or soap water to wash, just scrub with the plain water and be done with the washing.
  • The stone tends to chip when dropped so please handle with care.

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madhavi k Kommireddi

Thought it was bigger and thicker