Darbha Grass Meditation Mat - With a matching cloth bag. The Darbha Grass mat with cotton lining is woven in handlooms by the traditional weavers of Tamil Nadu and comes with anti-skid backing. The Kusha Grass Mats are woven in handlooms by traditional weavers. Darbha Grass Specialities:

  • Darbha (Desmotachya bipinnata) is a tropical grass, considered to be a sacred material in Vedic scriptures and is said to purify offerings during rituals and yajnas
  • Darbha is an eco-friendly and natural preservative used during times of eclipse to preserve food from getting fermented or infected by micro organisms
  • It is believed that Darbha grass helps in retaining energy, during meditation, from being discharged through our body (mostly through legs and toes) into ground, when such a mat is used underneath.
  • Darbha also has healing properties and is used in Ayurvedic medicines.

These mats have a natural beauty to leave down around the house even whilst you are not using them. The mats have a naturally ribbed serrated texture of the interwoven grass help you maintain your grip for a natural flow of movement, working towards a balance without providing artificial 'sticky' support. This gives a beneficial 'acupressure' effect through the soles of your feet With this mat, sweat wicks away, no puddles after a class.

Caring for your Yoga Mat - Periodically clean your yoga mat
Care instruction – 
1. Gently wipe the mat with clean wet cloth 
2. Dry out completely in shade before storage/usage. In case sun drying is not possible the mat can also be air dried.

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Mohan lal Parmar

Super quality dharna mat

Ramakrishnan Bandepalli