Harmonium is a keyboard musical instrument often used as an accompanying instrument by vocalists. During the mid-19th century missionaries brought French-made hand-pumped harmoniums to India. Though derived from the designs developed in France, the harmonium was developed further in India in unique ways, such as the addition of drone stops and a scale changing mechanism. The harmonium has thus become an integral part of Indian Music. It is extensively used to accompany folk, classical, Sufi, and ghazal compositions for both music and dance.

The keys are played and bellows are compressed simultaneously. When the bellows are compressed, the air passes through the reed, causing it to vibrate. This produces sound. The reed regulates the tone/pitch whereas the bellows produce and control air and the volume. The harmonium can produce up to 12 surs and 22 shrutis. The harmonium is also commonly accompanied by the Tabla.

This miniature musical instrument narrates the fascinating story of India’s musical heritage. A perfect gift for musician!

  • Made from assorted woods such as Ghora-neem (Melia azedarach), Gamar (Gmelina arborea), Akashmoni (Acacia auriculiformis), teak wood and other local wood.
  • It elegantly mounted on a solid wood base.
  • It's a unique piece of craft.
  • It's an ideal product to be gifted to any music lover.
  • Suitable for Home Decor, Music School Decor, Office Decor and Gifting purposes.
  • Care Instruction: Wipe it Clean With Soft & Dry Cloth
Note: This miniature replica has high resemblance with the original Instrument and looks great but has no sound and is not playable.


India has a rich musical history with its very own musical instruments. Some instruments are used primarily in North Indian music (Hindustani Sangeet), some are used in the south Indian music (Carnatic Sangeet), while others are found in folk music. The music of ancient India has its roots from the many indigenous instruments that gained wide use at the time such as the seven-holed flute and various stringed instruments.  

A few artisans of Midnapore, West Bengal make these miniature music instruments  with all detailing and fine work to ensure the end product is an exact replica. This miniature instrument is handcrafted from solid well-seasoned wood with excellent craftsmanship of woodcarving.

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Biren saikia Saikia

Harmonium | Wooden Miniature

Hanamanta Somanakatti

Harmonium | Wooden Miniature

Kaushik J

Good finishing.

Ashwin Sundararaman
Harmonium - Wooden Miniature

Looks exactly the same as in the picture. The detailings are to the point.

Anjali Naik

Made with precision. Very cute.