Indic Inspirations brings to you ISRO/VYOM Space Learning Workshop, a 3 hour Online Zoom Workshop. 

As educators, we believe every student deserves the opportunity to learn at their own individual pace, let curiosity direct their learning, and participate in hands-on activities that encourage growth. Indic Inspirations is excited to announce a Fun, Interesting & Educational Vyom-ISRO Space Online Workshop. 

Quoting Benjamin Franklin: Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. Our workshop includes

  • Tell: Fun & Interactive Story Telling Session (Interaction & Multimedia)
  • Teach: Making PSLV DIY Rocket kit (learning by doing methodology)
  • Involve: Well targeted and tailor-made quiz to challenge students. 


  • ROCKET MODEL - DO IT YOURSELF ACTIVITY KIT: This DIY model is designed like a 1:100 Scale PSLV Rocket, with each piece crafted meticulously and aesthetically. 

    • A Birch Plywood Sheet with Precise Laser Cutting Components (Can be pressed-out from the flat sheet to complete a fantastic 3-D model)
    • A Metal Tweezers with pointed tips for grasping small parts
    • 1 Glue for fixing the parts
    • A piece of sand paper to scrap out the uneven surface of the model
    • A Post-Assembly Display Stand (With Rocket Name, Scale Model & ISRO Logo)
    • A Detailed Step-by-Step Rocket Model Assembly Manual
    • A Story Card
  • HANDS ON LEARNING DIY KIT: It provides an active way of learning all about the stages of a rocket and its functions! It is created to help kids put together their own rocket
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Grooves hold the stages of the rocket together. Kids learn to snap fit stages of the rocket, the boosters and create their own rocket.
  • DURABLE & HANDCRAFTED BY THE ARTISANS OF INDIA: The model is made of birch wood ply by the artisans of Mysore, India. The item is eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • MADE WITH GREAT ATTENTION TO QUALITY and SAFETY: The Birch Plywood rocket model doesn’t have sharp edges and light weight so that kids can handle them easily. The material is hard, smooth with durable surface and superior resistance against humidity
  • Can be used as a gift, show piece or collectable as well

Space is Exciting! Space is an Experience! Here is an opportunity for your kids to explore  the magic of space with us.

Indic Inspirations is ISRO's First Official Merchandiser!

Date, Timing given here :-

  • SATURDAY, April 13th - 3 pm to 6 pm - Zoom Online
  • SUNDAY, April 21st - 11 am to 2 pm - Zoom Online
  • SATURDAY, May 11th - 3 pm to 6 pm - Zoom Online
  • SUNDAY, May 19th - 11 am to 2 pm - Zoom Online

(Link will be shared with the registered participants 3 days prior to the workshop) 

Registration Fees :- ₹ 3800/-

(a kit will be delivered to all the registered participants)

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WhatsApp/Call +91 7666616093

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