Kathak dance figurine souvenir/memento/ trophy/ award to people who are experts of the art form OR for people who are good at or love the dance. This dance souvenir has extensive application in various dance award ceremonies meant for corporate houses, governmental organizations, and cultural associations. Or just get one for your home, study or office desk!

India is one culturally rich country, where almost every state has its own language, cuisine, and dance forms. India has traditional, classical, folk and tribal dance styles and all are simply amazing. All the incredible classical dances originated in the country during the ancient times.

Kathak is the principal classical dance of north India. The word Kathak has been derived from the word Katha which means a story. Kathakars or story-tellers, are people who narrate stories largely based on episodes from the epics, myths and legends. It probably started as an oral tradition. Mime and gestures were perhaps added later on to make the recitation more effective.  Kathak dancers traditionally related stories and moral tales of gods and goddesses and characters from the “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata”. 

Being the only classical dance of India having links with Muslim culture, it represents a unique synthesis of Hindu and Muslim genius in art. Further, Kathak is the only form of classical dance wedded to Hindustani or the North Indian music.

  • KATHAK | Dance Souvenir is a dance award memento made of iron with brass coating.
  • It elegantly mounted on a solid wood base.
  • A metal (brass) plate is attached to the wooden base of the trophy and is engraved with words "KATHAK The Dance of Storytellers".
  • It's a unique piece of craft.
  • Suitable for Home Décor, Dance School Décor, Office Décor and Gifting purposes.
  • A perfect gift for a Kathak Dancer!
  • Care instructions: Wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. 


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Customer Reviews

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Abhay Deshpande
Looks like trophy

I am happy with the purchase.
Souvenir is piece of great art.
The main kathak artist design is indeed a very graceful and elegant.
It looks more like trophy instead of art show case piece.
If we are going to use this for home decor and not as award momento then we need some design tweaking for base platform so that the whole thing would look more as elegant show piece of art.