Magnetic Chess Set in Sheesham - one of the hottest selling item and an ideal gift for chess lovers. The inlaid Chess Board of chess set has been made by special inlaying process.

The magnet power passes through the wooden board attracted by the metal sheet which holds the chess pieces tightly and never let them fall while in traveling or playing. 

This product is made by the artisans of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Popularly known as the ‘sheesham wood village’ Saharanpur is home to some of India's finest wood carvers.   Dating back to about 400 years in Mughal period, some craftsmen came from Kashmir and settled down in Saharanpur and took this work to earn their bread and butter. Gradually this art got extended amongst common man in Saharanpur. 

Customer Reviews

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Vinothini Sambasivam
Amazing product with best customer service

The product looks exactly the same as showed in the picture, it's a perfect sized chess board for travel and I ordered it in last minute to gift a friend, but the customer service Ppl were too understand and made a very quick delivery. Thank you so much. My friend really loved the product.

Rimjhim Chandra
Perfect for travel

I frequently travel with my kids. So I was looking for some travel games to keep my kids entertained on airplane trips. The chess set serves that purpose very well and fits perfectly in my backpack. The magnets are strong but not super strong. If you flip it over or tilt it extremely, the pieces slide or fall.

Arundhati Reddy
Nice gift to board game freaks

My friend loves chess - he loved this when I gifted it to him. Says it will be so useful while travelling.

It was delivered as promised in a nice rectangular box! Which I learnt is a golden rectangle 1:1.6 ratio! Wow!

Story of chess and the woodcraft helped me brag to my friend!