This Brass Modak Patr is a quintessential utensil in the Maharashtrian and South Indian kitchen. Modak Patra Brass is used to make steamed delicacies like modaks - a much loved sweetmeat that is a must-make delicacy during the Ganesh Festival each year.

This Modak Patra is made by artisans of the Brass Metalcraft from Pune, Maharashtra. 

Condition: This is a remake of a traditional product. It retains the rustic charm common in handcrafted pieces.

How to Clean Brass Modak Patra

To clean, use mild soap or castile soap, lime, and salt or Pitambari powder. NOT Dishwasher Safe. Abrasive cleaning pads not recommended.
Alternatively, use tamarind, or vinegar for cleaning the brass vessel once in a while to get back shine.
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Customer Reviews

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Bindu Mohanan
Brass modak patra

Beautiful and sturdy

Tulsi Amit
Cute product

I had been looking for this steamer from a long time ,I’m happy to have found this ...very good product ,but a expensive ...that’s why 4 stars..other than that it’s well made

Jayant Borwanker

Absolutely beautiful product handmade with finesse! A product to retain as heirloom. Thanks to Indic Inspirations for bringing these rare items to the fore!


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