Samriddhi | Gift Kit - a perfect gift set of 8 for house warming ceremony.

The ultimate beauty in a home is its emotional and spiritual warmth. A new home means new beginnings and entering a new home is one of life’s precious moments. In our culture, it is believed that the home is a living being, and the new occupants need to fill it up with good, positive energy and vibes so that the family can have a new peaceful beginning.

As a token of appreciation of our clients and to help them get started in their new home with positive energy, we present this humble Griha Pravesh kit. Symbols of our country’s deep spirituality and knowledge of life rendered lovingly by artisans from India’s Arts & Crafts. Perfect gift set for house warming ceremony.

Tiranga - Handspun Khadi National Flag - Wall Frame (A4)

Display this original India Tiranga Flag in your new home - elegantly framed, maintenance free and easy to display! Show your pride for our nation with this Khadi Cotton Flag made by Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha (KKGSS) - the only authorised center to make Indian Tiranga Flag! This flag is made of hand spun and hand woven cotton Khadi bunting as promoted by Mahatma Gandhi.


Indic Civilisation and Modern India has been blessed by seekers of truth, an understanding of the cosmos and development of human thought over millennia! Its rich contributions to humankind have been the harbingers of philosophical and scientific progress on this planet. Be Inspired, everyday! A set of 75 inspirational quotes/ the extracts of the speeches made by 75 Indian eminent personalities. Each page of the Rolodex is printed with quote, the name of the personality, his/her field of work and illustration.

Toran - Copper & Brass

A Toran is tied on the door of a home and temple to please and attract the divine energy of Goddess Lakshmi. Various geometric patterns come together in this bunting to make for a great festive décor. Spruce up a door or a wall with this unique copper accessory. Great for use at home and makes for an even better gift this festive season. This product is rendered by artisans of the Tambat Metalcraft, Pune, Maharashtra. 

Darbha Mediation Mat - 45 inch x 24 inch

Darbha Grass Meditation Mat - With a matching cloth bag. The Darbha Grass mat with cotton lining is woven in handlooms by the traditional weavers of Tamil Nadu and comes with anti-skid backing. The Kusha Grass Mats are woven in handlooms by traditional weavers. The Darbha mats has a natural beauty to leave down around the house even whilst you are not using it. 

Ganesha Tealight Candle Holder – Brass Cutwork 

Decorative candle stand for a tea light, the shape at the back casts a shadow (of Ganesha) as the candle burns. Holds a tea-light candle but transforms it into a décor element for a new home. This Cut Metal Diya Coaster is made of brass with a PVC acrylic sheet base. You can use both indoor & outdoor ( keep safe from moisture & water).

Care: Don’t Wash lamp with water Clean with wet cloth. 

Diffuser | Copper – Tambat Metal Craft with Essential Oil (5Ml)

Well-being in its purest state, it is an ideal way to keep your home smelling divine, no matter what the season. Hand crafted copper oil diffuser is rendered by artisans of the Tambat Metalcraft, Pune, Maharashtra. The legacy of the Tambat Craftspeople who handcraft copper products dates to the 17th century when they were invited to Pune by the Peshwas after Shivaji set up the city as the capital city of the Maratha Empire. 'Matharkaam' or beaten work is the distinguishing feature of Tambat craft.

Direction of Using Diffuser & Oil: Pour some water in the bowl and then add the essential oil (always dilute the essential oil with base oil), place a tea light candle inside the diffuser and allow the aroma to reach the desired heat, the water will warm quickly by lighted tea candle than aroma will start diffusion in the air.

Saraswati Idol 3.5 Inch - Panchaloha 

Get this for a new home and good luck charm for education & wealth. This Saraswati Idol is a handmade, one of a kind, Panchaloha (a term for traditional five-metal alloys) sculpture cast by the artists of a small town on the banks of River Cauvery – SWAMIMALAI. The Highlight of the murti manufacture in Swamimalai is the usage of the ancient lost-wax method - a skill passed on for generations since the Chola period. 

Lota Vase – 5 Inches

The use of lota (a word with no English equivalent) has been epic and is believed to have been in existence since 2300 BCE! A multipurpose metal vessel for all walks of Indian life, it is used for fetching water, performing religious rituals, and even practicing yoga. Lacquered, wooden vase is made by artisans of Channapatna Woodcraft, craft that has existed since the 1700s near Bangalore in Karnataka. Said to have originated in Persia. The items are made using traditional, turned lacquer ware techniques and are coloured using natural dyes.

Support for India’s Arts & Crafts

India is the birthplace of Art & Craft, and its 3000+ crafts represent our ancient traditions and wisdom. Care for the Earth and Environment and sustainable use of resources is a part of the ethos of the materials and processes of traditional crafts.

We wish you a happy life ahead! Sada Sukhi Raho!

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