Indic Inspirations aspires to narrate stories of India’s Culture, Heritage, Traditions and Scientific achievements through Indic Inspired Objects! Our products tell the stories of art and culture of India, Science, History, Spirituality, Mythology, Dance, Mountains, Wildlife Parks, Festivals, Cities, Monuments, Yoga and the Vedas - aspects of India’s rich tapestry, themselves inspired by India’s rich Art & Indian crafts traditions.

Objects that you will be proud to OWN and GIFT – that are UNIQUE, celebrate TRADITION, are HEIRLOOMS and bring JOY!

Indic Inspirations was born out of the work of Heart for Art Trust ( and its work since 2014 - with 400+ artisans from 65+ crafts across 14+ states of India - to help rural artisans INCREASE their LIVELIHOODS and get back their PRIDE!

Heart for Art Trust continues to help artisans while Indic Inspirations helps create new products and increase market opportunities for India's artisans through UNIQUE Gifting & Souvenir products - for Consumers and for Corporates - including NRIs, Foreign and Domestic - Business and Leisure Travellers.

Run by passionate professionals that have created a number of successful Technology and Social ventures and investors from India and the USA, Indic Inspirations looks forward to creating sustainable value for MADE IN INDIA products from India's artisans.