An inspirational, induction kit for new school/college joinees. A kit that will inspire  new joinees. With a college/school branded box and inside fitment that will hold the beautiful objects together and wow students as they open the box!

Inspire, Motivate & Educate new college students - with inspirations from many achievements of India - Shunya/Zero, ISRO & Chandrayaan and India's Arts & Crafts. The best way to get your students started with the right inspirations, compassion and ambitions! Set of 12 items, in a box!!

INDIA on the MOON - Vikram Lander | TShirt

INDIA on the MOON - Vikram Lander | TShirt inspired by and celebration of the Chandrayaan 3 Mission and the landing of the Vikram Lander on the Lunar South Pole at 6:04 PM IST on 23rd August 2023! Cherish this Navy Blue TShirt for a long time! Relive the MEMORIES and wear the PRIDE of the mission that took the world by storm!

Copper Water Bottle

A Copper bottle instead of the plastic/aluminium water bottles! Ancient Indian wisdom has for long advocated the benefits of drinking water stored overnight in copper vessels. Demonstrates solidarity with efforts to create a sustainable earth!

0 - Into the VOID - Mug

The mug is inspired by Indic Philosophy of Shunyata and Shunya – concepts that led to invention of the ZERO – everything starts from the VOID and dissolves into the VOID – India's Gift to the World that was the harbinger of human scientific progress!

mySpace PSLV Notebook | 108 pages

108 pages of pure fun and inspiration. Flip pages of the book and watch the PSLV take-off into "space"! Express yourself in these 108 pages — through words, numbers, circles, mandalas, pie charts, doodles and more! Inspired by PSLV, ISRO's warhorse rocket, launch vehicle that has put many a satellite into their orbits in space!

ISRO Story Stickers | Set of 3 stickers

A set of stickers that represent many of ISRO's missions to outer space - the Moon, Mars and the scientific missions to map the earth and outer space. A set of stickers to adorn your mobile phone covers, notebooks, bags, bottles and more! Be Inspired!


Stress buster and brain teaser! The jumbled up blocks in a snake-like structure have to be connected to form a cube. Brain exercises for the excellent student you want to be!

INDIA on the MOON | Chandrayaan 3 | Fridge Magnet

INDIA on the MOON | Fridge Magnet - Be Inspired, each day as you reach out for the cold goodies in your fridge. This fridge magnet is inspired by the Chandrayaan mission and the engineering that took India to the moon!

Stressbuster Finger Top

Finger Top -This small top is silent and graceful. You may at times wonder whether these just stand still! This handcrafted product is made by artisans of Channapatna Woodcraft. Support Artisanal Livelihoods of India!

BENGALURU :: Vidhan Soudha Fridge Magnet

Bring the spirit of Bengaluru City - India's Startup Capital into your home with this illustration of Bengaluru’s signature landmark or of the host city of the school/college.

Vande Bharat | 12" Ruler

Vande Bharat Express, also known as Train 18, is a high-speed semi-high-speed intercity electric multiple unit train introduced by the Indian Railways. It is known for its modern design, improved amenities, and speed. Rulers were invented in India many centuries ago. Use this for your measurements, and be inspired by information about the engineering features of India's fastest train!

Eco Friendly Pencil

Pencil engineered from waste paper, that sharpens like a wooden pencil and writes like one!

Bamboo Ball Pen

Bamboo is one of the world's renewable material sources, a "grass" that grows in abundance in India and "composts" after use, unlike the plastic ball pens that pollute the earth after use!

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