PRACHAND | Light Combat Helicopter | 1:50 Scale Model is a replica model of the 'Prachand': 1st made-in-India light combat helicopters.

As the name suggests, the word Prachand means "fierce". These helicopters can destroy the enemy's air defences within a minute and can counter insurgency operations, along with combat search and rescue tasks. It is developed by state-run aerospace major Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. Total of 15 LCH helicopters have been acquired, out of which 10 are given to the Indian Air Force and 5 for the Indian Army. 

Facts about "Prachand"

The importance of this helicopter was realized at the time of the Kargil War of 1999 when the Indian Army felt the lack of an effective light combat helicopter in the high altitude areas.

1. The only attack helicopter in the world that can land and take off at an altitude of 5,000 metres. 

2. LCH Prachand is fitted with a 5.8-tonne twin-engine named Shakti engine, primarily designed for deployment in high-altitude areas. 

3. It has the best stealth features, armored-shield systems, and dark-mode attack capability. 

4. Its crash-resistant landing gear gives it an added edge for better survivability among other technologies like radar and IR signature.

5. Its maximum speed is 268 kilometres per hour, range of 550 kilometres and endurance of over three hours. 

6. A pressurised cabin offers protection from nuclear, biological and chemical contingencies.

7. The helicopter is equipped with a countermeasure dispensing system that protects it from enemy radars or infrared seekers of enemy missiles.

8. When it comes to weapons systems, a 20 mm turret gun, 70 mm rockets and air-to-air missile systems are onboard.


  • LCH Helicopter Scale Model.
  • Carefully made, extraordinary sharp markings great attention to detail;
  • Comes with a dust proof clear acrylic display case with wood base
  • Great collectable for model aircraft enthusiast; Also a wonderful decoration for your home, office, countertop
  • Great Christmas/birthday gift for kids, children, friends.
  • Material: Anodised Aluminium.
  • Great military gift for Defence officials.

Making of the Scale Model

The scale model, built by designers and engineers to meticulous attention to detail is a combination of aluminium, acrylic and styrene materials. All the details of the Light Combat Helicopter are meticulously re-constructed. The design and manufacturing process involves 3 D drawings, 3D printing prototyping, laser cutting and other processes.

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