Bring the spirit of NDA into your home with the National Defence Academy (NDA) insignia. Proudly handcrafted by brass metal artisans of Moradabad for the Veers of NDA!

About National Defence Academy (NDA) Insignia

The Academy insignia was designed to develop and foster inter services camaraderie! The present NDA insignia depicts the crest comprising of symbols representing the three services; the Cross swords, the Anchor and the Himalayan Eagle surmounted by the Ashoka emblem on a maroon background. The symbols represent the Army’s martial valour, stability and poise of the Navy and the aspirations of the Air Force to touch the sky with glory. The Ashoka emblem is symbolic of the new Republic and depicts the pride in serving the motherland. The scroll at the base epitomises the ideal of ‘Seva Parmo Dharma’ or ‘Service Before Self’ which is the essence of the concept of ‘Nishkaam Karma’ as derived from the Bhagavad Gita.

CareWipe it with moist cloth not too dry, not too wet.

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